There are many key benefits to having sound corporate governance polices and procedures for your business that impact both your top-line and bottom-line:

1. Improving your operating efficiency.
2. Preventing fraud (especially, when many businesses are engaged in online commerce).

3. Reducing errors. (especially when a lot of outsourcing takes place)
4. Decreasing your legal exposure. (ensuring you are always protected from frivolous lawsuits)

5. Increasing your profits. (we help you operate a lean organization)
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How does your organization achieve operational effectiveness and efficiency? Our Quality Management solutions leverage quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement to achieve more consistent quality.

We help you define quality objectives. We further help you identify, understand and manage all interrelated processes as a system.

Quality Control involves checking transformed and transforming resources in all stages of your production process. People at all levels of an organization are the drivers of quality programs, and remain front and center.

One of the permanent quality objectives of an organization should be the continual improvement of its overall performance, leveraging clear and concise process performance measures. Contact us today for overhauling the quality of your organization, products and services.

Our consultants understand that not everyone who desires to participate in government and industry certification is qualified to participate because of the stringent regulations that govern these programs.

Some of the regulations are lengthy and complex, and leave large areas open to subjective interpretation. Because of this, we work with a business to determine if they will qualify before going through a futile process only to discover they are not qualified at the end of the process.

We work with businesses on Local, State and Federal certifications, including: Small Business Enterprise, Woman/Minority Owned Business (M/WBE), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (S/DVOSB), 8(a) certification, 8(m) certification, HUB Zone, and GSA schedules.

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Mastering Business Growth training program uses newer modalities of corporate training that are conducive for immediate perusal by the participants. These include in classroom instruction, online learning modules, peer learning, real-time coaching, coaching clinics, hands-on-learning, post-classroom performance benchmarking and coaching, and the learning clinic.

MBG provides some of these key benefits to the businesses:
1. Access to world-class business education and instructor coaching.
2. Gain practical knowledge and skills from award-winning trainers and panelists.
3. Receive critical tools that position the business for growth.

4. Use the skills and training received immediately for your business.
5. Network and partner with local business owners and program alumnae.
6. Participate in a matchmaking event with procurement officers after graduation.

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Our training programs are offered by experienced trainers in the industry to ensure that every class is delivered with the best content in the best way to leverage how adults learn. What does a business need to be contract ready from a large corporation? Financial Profile/Outlook Training is one of the many Advanced Training solutions that we offer to businesses. Most small businesses do not understand what buyers look for when reviewing their financials; many business owners shy away from the process of pursuing credit and contracts to grow their business.

Participants learn how to prepare and read financial statements, prepare a business profile with Dun & Bradstreet, and understand the ratings, paydex score and intelliscore. Participants also learn how to obtain a report, and understand the different ratings and how to dispute incorrect reports.

Participants further understand the process of getting audited financials by a CPA firm. Participants learn the importance of interviewing their banker, and how to find and work with the right bank for your business.

Participants comprehend the process of getting funding before a contract, and when a contract is awarded. Participants further learn about insurance and other contract requirement needs i.e bonds, Line of credit, reading contracts terms and conditions, and working capital.

IBS helps build great leaders at your organization by leveraging our best-of-breed leadership training programs. How do leaders take charge of their teams? How do leaders learn to not just direct and dictate, but engage and inspire their team to do more? In the ultra-competitive business world that we live in, leadership development can mean the difference between winning and losing. Our leadership development and management training program teaches you how to start leading and growing your organization.

IBS provides the leading Change Management Consulting strategy. Handling change in today’s marketplace involves: 1. Leadership of a clear vision 2. Assessment of today’s current state 3. Development of a clear understanding between where we are today and where we want to be 4. Assessment of the available resources 5. A plan to bridge the gap using all available processes, tools, systems and services. 6.Implementation of the plan

IBS’s approach not only addresses urgent short-term needs but also anticipates and accommodates long-term trends. Our consultants focus both on traditional change management activities such as assessment, training and communication, but also integrate a broad set of organizational management, leadership, and cultural elements. Our change management process simultaneously manages continuous change and measures business results. This helps predictability of change management outcomes. This approach puts change management on a more predictable platform during evolving economic times.

IBS evaluates the performance of diverse suppliers, identifies gaps, evaluates organizations in relation to current market demands, proposes actions and alternative solutions for inclusion, and provides case studies for supplier diversity based on findings. We help deliver Supplier Diversity programs that demonstrate integrity by upholding the values of:
Knowledge & Skills
Social Responsibility
Diversity and Inclusion
Professional Excellence

We provide WBEs and MBEs with practical tools to enable them to build knowledge, skills and abilities in the following competency areas:
Business Planning- provide company background and information in an executive summary
Professionalism – utilize techniques and input that will enhance professional brand image
Operational Management – understand contributions of operations in the market

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Our Community Outreach Programs are the best in the industry. We strategize, define, plan, execute, report and deliver complete programs that exceed our clients' needs. As part of the outreach, we schedule appointments with program providers, and assist program employees in conducting follow-up services for clients. We also gather community data and assess program effectiveness and the need for increased or additional services and community resources.

Public Participation and Engagement Program includes General Awareness Raising Methods used at every planning stage, and Direct mail to solicit committee participation during the Community Diagnosis stage. For instance, the Planning Tasks will include community diagnosis, process design, data collection and analysis, and issue identification.
The key steps during the Process Design stage include:
1. Local Government appoints Plan Commission & reviews budget & contract,
2. Plan Commission approves the plan process, develop public participation plan, & negotiate consultant contract
3. Management subcommittee reviews project budget & negotiate consultant contract
4. Participation Subcommittee develops public participation plan
5. Education sessions of plan process design

During the Data Collection and Analysis stage, cluster work groups review roles & responsibilities, appoint chair & vice-chair, review plan process, & public participation plan; Kickoff meeting for general education of the plan process & public participation; Plan commission workshops provide information about why & how to form a plan commission; Local governments create local plan commissions; Citizen experts field check data

Finally, steps during the Issues Identification stage include: Create slogan or logo to promote awareness of planning process; Survey to identify citizen-based opportunities, issues, & desires with incentives to return survey; Focus Groups to identify expert-based issues, opportunities & desire for five planning issues; Open House to provide planning education, review community data, & identify issues, opportunities & desires

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InfinityBusiness Solutions


Infinity Business Solutions (IBS) is a progressive management-consulting firm in Southern California offering innovative solutions for corporate governance, quality programs and certifications, corporate training solutions for advancing business growth, skills and leadership, and diversity and inclusion solutions for providing supplier diversity, community outreach, public participation and engagement. Our solutions and leadership have been recognized by the U. S Government, leading utilities, associations and national councils.


    Infinity Business Solutions CEO, Lily Otieno, has been named as a 2015 Business Leader "Star" by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). This annual award recognizes just 14 exemplary businesswomen leaders nationally.

    This Leadership Award is presented to an individual whose leadership, mentoring, business acumen, and community service have contributed significantly to the growth and development of WBENC Certified Women Business Enterprises in their community.


    IBS is focused on providing organizational development consulting and change management solutions. Our reputation is one of providing you with the right consultant with the right experience, with the right program at the right time. More importantly, we ensure that every engagement has its intended impact and exceeds expectations.

    IBS programs offer engaging, dynamic and inspiring tools and techniques needed for employees and organizational success. We help organizations enhance their employee and supplier talents and skills by offering blended programs that drive business performance.


    Infinity Business solutions is a consulting firm that specializes in working with firms that are required to be in compliance with subcontracting plan requirements reporting. We work with you to develop organizations that can compete successfully in the marketplace.

    The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Minority/Women owned Small business (M/WBE) programs provide a vehicle to assist firms in increasing the utilization of disadvantaged businesses in local, state, federal programs and private sector corporations.


    The Federal Procurement budget for 2010 is set at $626 BILLION for the Department of Defense, GSA and another $1 TRILLION for other civil agencies and continually rising. And that is only the federal government budget.

    All public agencies alone account for $6 TRILLION in procurements. Being awarded with a government contract secures a steady cash flow, allowing you to expand your business and maximize your profit through government contracts.



    Corporate governance is required for large public corporations and organizations with investors and stock holders. In today's economy, growing businesses are increasingly looking at corporate governance as an important business practice.


    Is your organization delivering products and services of the highest quality? How do you achieve the best quality? Our Quality Management programs focus on four main components: quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement.


    We work with businesses to understand their business goals and growth needs and then determine their certification needs. We create certification programs that enable companies to qualify quickly and jumpstart new sales.


  • Mastering Business Growth (MBG)

    IBS delivers Mastering Business Growth program to businesses in Southern California since the last five years. MBG is a series of ten-course modules that is designed as components of a “toolkit” for business planning, operations and implementation. This hands-on training program helps professionals, business owners and operational managers take their business to the next level.

    Advanced Training

    Through the analysis of learning needs and systematic development of learning materials, our team creates transformational, highly relevant, and applicable training programs for your organization. Our advanced training solutions help organizations align themselves for profitability, growth, and a competitive edge.

    Leadership Training

    Our Leadership Training programs are focused on developing the qualities of good leaders that are essential for career and organizational success. IBS’s leadership training provides numerous avenues for enhancing the qualities of good leaders. IBS leadership coaches use a tested and rigorous Integrated Coaching Methodology based on the blending of the best in Academic Research, Expert Peer Learning and relevant Best Practices.

Diversityand Inclusion


    We develop a proactive Supplier Diversity Program that will enhance the inclusion of diverse business within the client supply chain for our clients. IBS creates programs that give corporations the ability to do benchmarking data, dashboard reports of diverse spend, and a methodology for vetting small businesses.


    We develop a timely Community Outreach Program that will deliver needed services, raise awareness for specific issues and provide education to the community members. We establish and maintain contact with clients, and coordinate any tasks necessary to allow members to receive services.


    We develop an engaging Public Participation and Engagement Program (PPEP) that will generate awareness, educate and survey the given population, and help create public engagement. We help establish planning tasks, participation objectives, and desired outcomes. We identify the stakeholders, professionals, and local officials required for going live with PPEP.

Our Team

  • Team Member

    Lily Otieno MSc., PMP

    Lily Otieno is an expert at working with diverse business owners to create and leverage core relationships using a structured and proven approach to get desired results through diverse business training and business development. Her areas of expertise include instructional design, project management, business development and facilitation. As the president and founder of IBS, Lily brings over 20 years of international management experience and expertise across multiple industries including utilities, banking, construction, IT, universities, healthcare, non- profit organizations among others. Lily Otieno has recently being acknowledged by Women Business Enterprise Council-West for her work with diverse business and was the 2014 Business Leader of the Year, 2011 WBE Advocate of the Year, Small Business Consultant of the Year and Member of the Year by the Asian Business Association of Orange County. Lily Otieno's education includes Masters of Science, concentration in Policy and Planning from California State University at Fullerton. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking food network dishes and watching her favorite chef Rachel Ray. Lily is recognized for developing customized business training modules that received contracts from Southern California Gas Company, San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison, Los Angeles World Airport, Walsh Austin JV among others. Her contract readiness bootcamps and seminars have been credited with helping hundreds of business get contracts from corporations and the federal government. These high impacts, ‘cut to the chase’ workshops have contributed to participants getting contracts in the tune of $50 million dollars over the past several years.

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